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Vernconex: key players in green Hydrogen join forces to commercialize containerized Hydrogen solutions

The logistic system used by Hydrospider AG in Switzerland is the world’s first that focuses on containerized Hydrogen distribution on a large scale. Key industrial partners involved in the Hydrospider system have decided to join forces in Vernconex to offer the designed industrial solution as turn-key solution to the market.

The first commercial application to be served in Switzerland by the containers is the heavy truck fleet produced by Hyundai but is also open for Hydrogen cars and other applications. Notably train customers, ship- and bus-operators have expressed interest to apply a containerized solution for their Hydrogen logistic solution, but the system is adaptable to many other applications as well. The system is initially focused on 350bar Hydrogen applications.

H2Energy of Switzerland, Maximator of Germany and Umoe of Norway are equal shareholders in Vernconex. The company resides in Switzerland and focusses to commercialize containerized hydrogen solutions worldwide, with a strong focus on Europe.

“Vernconex” is the amalgamation of “vern” (from Jules Verne, the Hydrogen pioneer) and “conex” a containerized logistics system of the US Army of the 1950’, predecessor to the modern intermodal shipping container now in use worldwide.



Vernconex AG
Boulevard Lilienthal 42
8152 Glattpark

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