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Our business field

Vernconex markets, sells and supports a fully containerized supply chain system for Hydrogen distribution at 350 bar. The key advantage of the company is that customers can purchase a proven concept of an entire containerized supply system for Hydrogen at 350bar as a turnkey solution


The main technical components for sale at Vernconex are

At the Hydrogen production site and Hydrogen filling stations:

    • Filling panels which allow for Hydrogen to be filled at 350-450 bar into the containers
    • Docking stations which allow for quick deposition and pick-up of containers
    • Various compressor solution to be tailored to customer needs

Movable Containers:

  • These are 20-foot standardized containers that can store about 350 kg of Hydrogen at 350 bar in three different pressure banks and can be moved by trucks

Vernconex in addition provides the following services:

  • Consulting and engineering for a containerized Hydrogen supply system worldwide
  • Development and installation of innovative refueling solutions
  • After sales and spare parts coordination of key products
  • Development of products in line with market needs and developments
  • Financing for supply chain infrastructure (if applicable)
  • Vernconex does not sell the necessary truck fleet for transporting of the containers but works with local transport companies to provide such service
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